Directors & Credits

Peter Collis has been making experimental short films for over 20 years winning International recognition and awards. He is a pioneer in Virtual Reality film-making, productions include: The Virtual Orchestra for the Philharmonia Orchestra & Sony PSVR, campaign VR films for UNICEF & Rotary International, as well as fashion, & educational VR films and collaborations with artists.

Jessica Driscoll has produced a huge range of VR experiences from fundraising for UNICEF, Rotary International and Greenpeace to theatre of war guns blazing for Honeywell and spaceships for BAE. She also casts talent, scriptwriters and technical folk for UK based Virtual Reality theatre company Breaking Fourth for their production CTRL a hard hitting story of domestic violence told through virtual reality.

With thanks to the amazing wrestlers:

Eddie Dennis
Mark Andrews
Nixon Newell
The South Pacific Power Trip – Dahlia Black, TK Cooper & Travis Banks
Toni Storm
Kay Lee Ray
British Strong Style- Trent Seven & Tyler Bate
Marty Scurll
Zack Sabre Jr.
The London Riots- James Davis & Rob Lynch
Pete Dunne
Fabian Aichner
William Eaver
Chuck Mambo
Jack Sexsmith
The Kings Of The North- Bonesaw & Damien Corvin
Laura Di Matteo
Jurn Simmons
Roy Johnson
Ringkampf- Axel Dieter Jr. & WALTER
Dave Mastiff
Nathan Cruz and Sebastian
Trent Seven
Zack Gibson
James Drake
Damon Moser
Jordan Devlin
Mark Haskins
Morgan Webster

And super friendly, knowledgable and welcoming fans of Progress!

Dan Blaker
Chris Green
Carl Guyenette

360 Film Crew:

Peter Collis
Ollie Farnden
Kamile Kaspervicitute
George Stuart
Anakin Ryan

Production Co-ordinator:
Maira Hayat

Producers for PROGRESS:
Adam Libonetti-Roche
Jon Briley

Producers for INITION:
Maira Hayat
Jessica Driscoll

Directed & Edited by:
Jessica Driscoll
Peter Collis

An INITION / PROGRESS Production 2017/ Self Central